May 2nd, 5:00PM


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It is 1943 in Nazi-occupied Holland, a time before the tide of war had decisively changed and before the occupation had become as cruel and harsh as it was to become a year later. For twelve-year old best friends, Lambert and Tuur, the summer is just a time for adventure and play in the woods and caves around their village, separate from the lives of their families. Lambert’s family has joined the Dutch Nazi party and lives in comfortable collaboration with the Nazis, while Tuur’s family is working with the resistance. What tears the boys apart, however, is not politics or ideology, but their competition for the attention of Maartje, a girl with a mysterious identity living on a nearby farm. The boys, on the brink of adolescence, seem inseparable, but the arrival of the dark-haired, dark-eyed girl is the first sign that their days of happily horsing around in proto-testosterone fueled bliss are over. Torn with jealousy, Lambert tells his father, the Nazi-friendly mayor, about an unreported piglet hidden at Maartje’s farm, not
knowing that this will reveal a much more dangerous secret: she’s a Jew in hiding who gets deported immediately. Lambert is determined to make up for his betrayal of his best friend by helping Tuur and his family, who are uncovered as members of the resistance, to escape through the caves. But we still have to see whether Tuur can still trust his old friend. This film was adapted from a best-selling Dutch novel, and while it represents another attempt for the current generation to understand what the Nazi
occupation meant for their parents and grandparents, it is also an opportunity for Canadians to understand why their fathers and grandfathers who liberated Holland are still remembered and celebrated by Dutch children every year.

Netherlands and Belgium, 2014, Dutch with English subtitles, 96 minutes