May 2nd, 8:00PM


This evening’s program is generously sponsored by Scotia Wealth Management.  Sean White, Senior Wealth Advisor

Riphagen: The Untouchable

A gripping, intense wartime thriller, RIPHAGEN: THE UNTOUCHABLE is the chilling epic of a real gangster and war profiteer who betrayed countless Jews in WWII Amsterdam. A foremost figure of the Dutch underworld, the menacing Dries Riphagen was a slick and unscrupulous con artist, most infamously remembered by history as a fervent Jew hunter. As a Nazi collaborator,
Riphagen was tasked with tracking down Jews in hiding and confiscating their valuables. Using blackmail to extort small fortunes in jewels, property and currency, he would later betray the location of Jewish families and turn them over to the Germans to meet their fates. Only Jan van Liempd, a young policeman
secretly fighting alongside the Resistance, sees through the scheme. His determination to bring the sociopathic war criminal to justice develops into a deadly cat-and- mouse game, as he implacably and zealously pursues a years-long manhunt for the “untouchable” Riphagen. He was called “untouchable” because he had developed enough connections both to political and comkmunity7 leaders through bribery and blackmail to be left alone, and eventually escaped to Argentina with other Nazis where he lived out his life escaping justice. Combining a historical biopic with the edge-of- your-seat suspense of the crime-spy genre, RIPHAGEN: THE UNTOUCHABLE features a towering central performance of Riphagen as the embodiment of evil.

Netherlands, 2016, Dutch, German, English with English subtitles, 131 minutes