May 3rd, 2:00PM

This program is generously sponsored by East Riverside Dental Centre.  Dr Michael & Sandi Malowitz


Between Worlds

Jerusalem-After an activity-filled beginning following a terrorist attack on the streets of Jerusalem, the rest of this film is confined to a hospital and the thoughts of the people caring for the young man severely injured in the attack. This allows audiences an unusual opportunity to come to know in depth the Jerusalemites who share a hospital room and who deal with terror and the human aftermath of conflict. Bina, an Orthodox mother, arrives panic-stricken at the hospital after she learns that her son Oliel has been severely injured in a terror attack. This is her first time seeing her son since he became secular
and lost contact with the family. Her more rigid husband, Meir, reluctantly comes later only after their daughter Ester’s insistence. Sharing Oliel’s room is a comatose old Arab man. Thus Bina and Meir first meet Amal, a young Arab woman who tells them she is there to attend to her dying father. Their awkwardness as strangers is compounded by their cultural difference. While Meir, the Orthodox father, searches for religious solutions to revive his son, the two despondent and more accepting women gradually bond with one another. However, recognizing that Oliel’s Orthodox parents, especially the father, are upset enough that their son has left their religious community, let alone that he has fallen in love with a Muslim girl, Amal has hidden the secret from Bina and
Meir that she is there for Oliel, and is not the comatose old Arab’s daughter at all. While waiting and hoping for Oliel’s revival, the two women will learn the truth, and learn that faith, understanding, acceptance, and love can and should replace fear of the unknown. As the truth unfolds, they all struggle to accept the unlikely circumstances that have brought them together.

Israel, 2016, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles, 84 minutes