Strengthening Community through Movement

$12/class, non-members $10/class, members Open to all adults and mature teens. Beginners and first time participants welcome! All classes coached by the HNM Dance Company.

Strength & Stretch

This program aims to help participants improve their flexibility and tone their muscles. It is a great choice for those who wish to maintain or improve their physical fitness.


7pm - 8pm

Ballet Barre for Beginners

Fundamental ballet skills are taught in this program. Novice dancers will learn how to use the barre and improve their forms.


6pm - 7pm

Health Body & Mind

In this program, participants will learn how to improve mental and physical wellbeing. This course is excellent for those wishing to improve sense of balance.


9am - 10am

Intermediate Ballet Barre

More advanced ballet dancers will enjoy this class, as they will be taught how to master the barre and fine-tune their skills.


10am - 11am

Modern Dance for Beginners

Actors and theatre enthusiasts will enjoy this lively course. Although there’s a play of the same name, the benefits of the program are not fictitious!


7pm - 8pm

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