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Our Vision

The Windsor Jewish Federation & Community Centre serves as a busy hub of activity,
enriching life for the Jewish and greater Windsor communities, based on Jewish values.


The Windsor Jewish Federation & Community Center welcomes everyone
to share in the richness and culture of Jewish life through social, recreational, educational and cultural activities.

Our Values

  • We have the responsibility to be the voice of the Jewish Community.
  • We provide services and programs for all generations, to help them to live the Jewish life they desire and to develop friendships while participating in these programs.
  • We all benefit from strong partnerships throughout our community and with other organizations nationally and internationally.
  • We create a welcoming space for all members of our diverse community and will treat each person in a warm and friendly manner.
  • We ensure excellence in the way we manage our organization and our finances. We hire the best people to make this happen.
  • We believe acting with honesty, compassion, generosity and responsibility benefits each person who is involved in the Center and improves the quality of life for our entire community.
  • We innovate and adapt to the changing world which is essential for the sustainability of our community. Supporting the goals of our partners is important to us and we celebrate their success with them.
  • We are a safe place for even the most vulnerable in our population, and for all who use our facilities.
  • We are where our community comes together as one.