WJFF 2020: Upside Down Tree

Thursday, April 29th at 2 PM at the Cineplex Odeon, Devonshire Mall


Eva, a Jewish girl, was orphaned during World War II and raised by a Ukrainian peasant in the early 1950’s. A mysterious woman appears at their house and presents herself as Eva’s real mother; she wants to take the girl to Israel. Eva is torn between her adoptive mother and her biological mother. Eventually, she decides to join her biological mother in their joint journey to Israel. A series of strange events makes her wonder whether the woman is really her mother—and if not, then who is she? More importantly, why did she take Eva away from the family that raised her. The film “Upside down tree” is based on the bestselling autobiography book “As Long As I Live” by Aharon Margalit.
🎥 Preview film below